Freedom is under attack.
Donate tactical gear to help
Ukrainian soldiers.

How you can help

Your contribution
1. Collect your gear to be sent to war
Get everything from your basement and war room, organize collective shipment with your mates.
2. Ship or bring in person to one of our warehouses.
3. Show your support for Ukraine on social media and post a photo of your shipment with a hashtag #protectukraine
What we do
1. Help Heroes of Ukraine volunteers sort and pack all gear
2. Forwarder ships it to Ukraine
3. Come Back Alive receives and forwards the gear to Armed Forces and Territorial Defense that need it the most

What’s allowed

Hard Plates (not steel)
Overt Vests
Plate Carriers
Tactical Headphones
Knee Pads

Export of some equipment is regulated by government. Please carefully check the following lists to make sure you don’t ship something that we wouldn’t be able to export.

  • Please don’t send steel plates (Type III/III+). They are too heavy to be used in real war.
  • Expired armor is fine.
  • Police vests are also ok, but military and plate carriers are much preferred.
With support of Ukrainian Embassy in the US we received export licenses for vests/plates (NIJ 0101.06 Type III and IV) and helmets (NIJ 0106.01 Type IIIA).


Scopes and visors

Supported by

Russia has pushed through the borders of Ukraine by force. They’re backed by the biggest army in the world — a fully equipped army with twice as many tanks as the United States. No one was prepared.

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian civilians have bravely taken up arms, fighting an insurgent enemy in a brutal, unjust war.

Our civilians-turned-warriors have rifles and ammo, but they lack the crucial equipment needed to defend themselves, like body armor and tactical gear. And truth be told, we are getting price gouged and there’s no enough gear in stock to supply Ukraine.

Join the fight and
donate tactical gear
to save our people!